These candles are not only beautiful to add to your decor this Library collection has the most unique smells ❤️ Must have!

Calpurinas-Your mouth waters as the scents of fresh dewberries, cinnamon batter and glazed icing hits your nose...”


Charlotte-uncanny smells like ones of sweet lemonade, fresh picked oranges, harvested lavender and just a touch of vanilla wafting from the still warm baked goods…”


Hundred Acre Wood-It is the scents of hyacinth, lily of the valley, violets, wild jasmine and musk blended with the sweetest fleshy fruit of pomegranate… it is our memories reincarnate…”


Neverland-You will soon be greeted with the smells of luscious ripened mangos and heavenly coconut. Welcome to Neverland my friend, where you never have to grow up…”


Ollivanders-You enter the shop and are hit by the aromas of sandalwood, tobacco leaves and a very peculiar musk…”


Pemberly Estates-A mix of bell-shaped honeysuckle unite with juicy ripe pear as you take a stroll through the beautiful gardens on the property set forth before you…”


Time for Tea-scents of wild raspberries, roses, and hibiscus flowers all diffused into one delicious pot of tea…”


The Yule Ball-you are greeted by the decadent smells of fresh fruity drinks and after dinner sweets. Not only will the dancing leave you breathless but the smells will leave you speechless…”

Dusty Sparrow 11 oz candle